CR1620 Battery Guide: Features, Equivalents and Replacements

CR1620 Battery Guide: Features, Equivalents and Replacements

Thanks to the variety of batteries available on the market, it can provide the necessary voltage to almost any portable device.

The other side of the coin of the great choice of batteries is the difficulty in selecting a replacement, which is a challenging task for inexperienced users of electronic devices. In this article, we will talk about the lithium battery CR1620.

Technical Characteristics of the CR1620 Battery

Regardless of the manufacturer, this power supply has certain parameters. An analog is used if the characteristics are the same. Otherwise, the device will not function properly or will not work.


  • Type – Lithium battery;
  • Form factor – CR1620;
  • Capacity – 68mAh;
  • Diameter and thickness – 16x2mm;
  • Voltage – 3 volts.

The number of batteries in the packaging varies. A frequent form of release – 1 pc. in a blister. Price: from $0.20 to $2, depending on the manufacturer and the number of power sources.

CR1620 Using Area of Application

The CR1620 battery should be used in situations where it is impossible to install finger- or pin-cell batteries. This product is most commonly found in the following devices:

  • Clocks.
  • Calculators.
  • Remote controls.
  • Children’s toys.

For homemade low-current electrical systems, the CR1620 battery can also be a very convenient source of direct current.

CR1620 Advantages and Disadvantages

CR1620 power supplies have negative and positive characteristics. The main pluses and minuses include:

  • Low weight
  • Compact size
  • Low self-discharge
  • Ability to operate in cold weather
  • Uniform power output
  • Higher cost
  • Risk of spontaneous combustion
  • Relatively low capacity

There are not too many disadvantages of the CR1620 battery. If you want to install the product in miniature devices, then the disadvantages of the battery have to turn a blind eye, both developers and users of electronic devices.

CR1620 Battery Equivalents

There are the following power sources that are stable on devices:

  • CITIZEN 280-208;
  • DL1620;
  • SB-T17;
  • 5009LC;
  • ECR1620.

Before buying, check the size and voltages. The appearance of the batteries may differ from the original. Round batteries are easy to use. Just install them in the slot.

Is it Possible to Charge the CR1620 Battery?

The CR1620 battery is not a rechargeable battery, so charging it is strictly not recommended. If you even try to restore the capacity with an electric charger, the product may overheat, which, in turn, may lead to depressurization with a characteristic pop. Charging can cause a fire.

Popular Manufacturers

Most manufacturers of miniature batteries invest a lot of money in advertising. In this way, they “buy” popularity, but maintaining interest in their brand for a long time is possible only by manufacturing and selling high-quality products.

For this reason, in order not to make a wrong choice is recommended to give preference to popular batteries manufacturers, who have long been present in the market. This category of products includes products of the following firms:

The following companies have gained popularity:

  • Energizer – batteries of this manufacturer are recognized as the most expensive in stores. The price is due to the extended service life (2-3 years) and improved quality of operation of devices. The piece sells energizer power supplies;
  • Panasonic – branded battery has an affordable price for the pocket. The quality of the product is also high, and the devices work reliably;
  • Varta – the voltage of these batteries is constant throughout the shelf life and period of use. Due to this, stable and reliable operation of gadgets is ensured;
  • Camelion – power supply for devices from the Chinese manufacturer is known for its low price and good performance. It is optimal in quality and cost;
  • Robiton – this manufacturer’s products are not too popular, so they are called a budget. However, there are no complaints about Robiton batteries.

What to Look for Before Buying a CR1620 Battery?

Before you buy, make sure that the product is suitable for amperes and volts. Generally, all analogs and original products labeled with the alphanumeric code CR1620 are identical in amperage and basic electrical parameters.

It is essential to check the integrity of the packaging before purchasing a battery to avoid buying a product that has been used or damaged during shipping and storage. The presence of even minor damage may be a valid reason not to purchase.

Operating and Disposal Instructions

When using the CR1620 battery, certain rules should be followed. For example:

  • Do not reverse polarity when inserting a tablet battery.
  • Do not discharge the battery through a heavy load.
  • Please do not use it at critically low or high temperatures to preserve performance.
  • If it is necessary to solder the contacts to the product body, this operation should be done very quickly so as not to overheat the product body. Soldering should be done with special fluxes.

If the battery has already reached the end of its life, it must be removed from the compartment of the device and replaced with a battery that is known to be in good condition. According to the instructions, lithium energy sources of the CR1620 format should be disposed of specially. You can return the dead battery to a specialized collection point for recycling.

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Final Words

Still have questions about the CR1620 battery or have something to add? Then write us about it in the comments. It will make the material more complete and accurate.

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  1. I was in need of a new CR1620 battery for my watch. I went to the store and they were all out. The cashier told me that I could try an ML1620 battery as an equivalent. So, I bought one and took it home. It worked perfectly in my watch!

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