Dedicated Software Development Team Service by SSA Group

Dedicated Software Development Team Service by SSA Group

If your organization is in need of long-term collaboration to enhance your IT capabilities, SSA Group’s dedicated software development team offers the ideal solution. By choosing to hire dedicated software development team from SSA Group, you gain access to a wealth of experience and a diverse range of competencies. As a dedicated software development company, we excel in creating specialized teams that integrate seamlessly into your existing structure. Our approach ensures that risks are efficiently managed, and high-quality results are consistently delivered.

When you hire a dedicated software development team from SSA Group, you benefit from our ecosystem of HR, recruitment, legal, and infrastructure support. This enables your organization to remain focused on its core business objectives. Our dedicated software engineering team undergoes rigorous and fair assessments, ensuring transparency and proactive issue resolution. Over time, the team will enhance the value of your company, paralleling the contributions of your in-house staff. Our extensive experience with client M&A cases ensures a smooth transition through due diligence and integration phases, solidifying SSA Group as a trusted partner in your business growth.

SSA Group’s dedicated software development teams vary in size from 2 to 35 members, with the most common team size being 5. The initial team setup period is typically 60 days, ensuring a swift and efficient start to your projects. Currently, SSA Group has established over 50 dedicated teams, demonstrating our capability and reliability in this field. Our experience in forming and managing these teams ensures that your projects are handled by skilled professionals. This structured approach allows us to meet the diverse needs of our clients promptly.

SSA Group’s dedicated teams have an impressive track record of accomplishments. The average lifespan of cooperation with our clients is 7 years, highlighting our commitment to long-term partnerships. Our employees have an average tenure of 4 years, ensuring continuity and expertise within our teams. We proudly serve clients in 16 different countries, leveraging the skills of consultants located in 11 different locations.

SSA Group’s dedicated software development team ensures the efficient management of various company responsibilities, including infrastructure and office management. We uphold corporate standards and implement comprehensive business processes. Within the department, we conduct regular employee assessments and foster collaboration within blended teams, leveraging SSA Data bundle solutions for optimal results. At the project level, we emphasize mentorship and maintain strict control over software development standards. Our team is diligent in executing code reviews to ensure the highest quality output. This structured approach enables SSA Group to deliver exceptional software development services consistently.

SSA Group’s dedicated software development team operates in various modes, including office, home office, and hybrid arrangements. Our standard business week runs from Monday to Friday, ensuring consistent availability and communication. Team members work an effective eight-hour day, allowing for focused productivity. Employees are entitled to 20 working days of vacation annually, promoting a healthy work-life balance. This structured approach supports both efficiency and employee well-being. SSA Group’s commitment to these practices ensures the delivery of high-quality software development services.

To conclude, SSA Group is the optimal choice when you seek to hire a dedicated software development team that can seamlessly integrate into your existing operations. As a dedicated software development company, SSA Group offers the infrastructure and support necessary to maintain a high standard of service. Trust in our experience and structured approach to enhance your business and achieve your IT objectives efficiently.

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