2N3904 Pinout & Features

2N3904 Transistor Pinout & Features

Bipolar transistor 2N3904 characteristics indicate that it is most often used in television and consumer electronics as a low-load switch. It can also be used as a simple amplifier or as a stabilizer, depending on the circuit. It is available in a plastic case with flexible leads.

The Characteristics of the 2N3904 Transistor

In the technical documentation of the 2N3904, the following data is written:

  • Structure – n-p-n
  • Collector-emitter voltage, not more: 40 В
  • Collector-base voltage, max: 60 В
  • Emitter-base voltage, max: 6 V
  • Collector current, max: 0.2 A
  • Collector power dissipated, max: 0.625 W
  • The current amplification factor of a transistor (hfe): 100 to 300
  • Current transfer ratio bandwidth: 300 MHz

Limiting values:

VCBO Collector-base voltage Open emitter 60 V
VCEO Collector- emitter Open Base 40 V
VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage Open Collector 6 V
IC Collector Current (DC) 200 mA
ICM Collector Peak Current 300 mA
IBM Peak base current 100 mA
Ptot Tamb ≤ 25 °C; note 1 500 mW
Tstg Storage temperature – 65 +150 °C
Tj Transition temperature 150 °C
Tamb Operating ambient temperature – 65 +150 °C

Limits are given according to the absolute maximum rating system (IEC 134). Exceeding one or more of the limit values may result in permanent damage to the device. Operation of the device under these or any other conditions exceeding the values specified in the “Specifications” sections is not implied. Exposure to limiting values for extended periods of time may affect the reliability of the device. Please choose your equipment carefully.

2N3904 Pinout

Below is the pinout of the 2N3904 with the notation scheme:

2N3904 Pinout

  • Emitter;
  • Base;
  • Collector.

2N3904 Alternatives

Transistor 2N3904 can be replaced with 2N4401, 2N5830, 2SC1008, 2SC1009, 2SC1211, 2SC815, BC537, BC538, KN2222A, KN3904, KSC1008, KSC1009, KSC815, KSP05, KSP06, KSP2222A, KSP42, KSP43, KSP8098, KSP8099, KTN2222A, MPS2222A, MPS2222AG, MPS650, MPS650G MPS651, MPS651G, MPS8098, MPS8098G, MPS8099, MPS8099G, MPSA05, MPSA05G, MPSA06, MPSA06G, MPSA42, MPSA43, MPSW05, MPSW05G, MPSW06, MPSW06G, MPSW42, MPSW42G, NTE123AP, P2N2222A, P2N2222AG, PN100, PN2219A, PN2222A, PN3569, PN4033, ZTX450, ZTX454, ZTX455, ZTX457, ZTX458.

These products are not intended for use in life-support devices or systems where equipment can be expected to cause personal injury. More information about all the electrical parameters of the 2N3904 transistor can be found in its Datasheet. Also described here are various circuit diagrams, circuit checks for switching times, temperature readings, and various diagrams with drawings.

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