2SC5200 Transistor Pinout and Specifications for Beginners

2SC5200 Transistor Pinout and Specifications for Beginners

The 2SC5200 transistor is an NPN-structure device with new BiT-LA technology. It is recommended for use in the output stages of VLF. It features high power dissipation (150W), high collector current (up to 15A), and edge frequency (up to 30MHz).

2SC5200 Pinout

The 2SC5200 transistor is manufactured in a modern TO-264 (TO-3PL) or 2-21f1a plastic package. It is equipped with three flexible metal leads for hole mounting on the board. If you look at the markings on the device, they will be arranged as follows: base (B) on the left, collector (C) in the center, emitter (E) on the right.

2SC5200 Pinout

2SC5200 Technical Specifications

Let’s take a look at the main parameters of the modern 2SC5200. They are subdivided in the datasheet into maximum and electrical. At the same time, the ambient temperature (TA) should not exceed +77°F (+25°C).

Maximum Values

The maximum operating parameter values are as follows:

  • voltage: K-B (VCBO) up to 230 V; K-E (VCEO) up to 230 V; E-B (VEBO) up to 5 V;
  • current: collector (IC) up to 15 A; base (IB) up to 1,5 A;
  • power dissipation (PD) up to 150 W;
  • temperature: P-N junction (Tj) up to 150°C; operating (Tstg) from 131 to 302°F (55 to +150°C).

If these values are exceeded, the performance of any semiconductor device deteriorates dramatically, which can lead to its failure.

Electrical Parameters

The best results can be achieved using a 25-30% margin of maximum values. Optimal values, at which the device will serve long and not fail, are reflected in the table of electrical characteristics of the datasheet of the semiconductor component.

2SC5200 transistor in my hand

Depending on the current amplification factor (HFE), these semiconductor devices are divided into two groups: R (55-110); O (80-160).

2SC5200 Alternatives

The following transistors may be considered as functional replacements for the 2SC5200: TTC5200, FJL4315, 2SC5242, FJA4313, 2SC6011. Unfortunately, full analogs do not exist. At the same time, they are not scarce in radio stores.

Complementary Pair

The 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 amplifier is often used in the output stages of imported audio equipment. The 2SA1943 is a complementary pair and has a PNP structure. An example of a flywheel assembly with these transistors is shown in the video below.


The leading manufacturers of 2SC5200 are Toshiba and Inchange. It is their products that are the most widely used. Devices from Fairchild, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Unisonic Technologies are rarer.

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