CR1225 Battery Guide: Features, Equivalents and Replacements

CR1225 Battery Guide: Features, Equivalents and Replacements

The “pill” type batteries are used in many electronic devices. Unfortunately, the life span of such power sources is very short, and they require frequent replacement.

It is essential to know the basic technical specifications to find a suitable replacement for a spent power source. Let’s try to explain the main aspects of the CR1225 in simple terms.

CR1225 Battery Specifications

When choosing a new battery, you should know that the CR1225 battery has the following technical specifications:

Parameter Value
Main designation CR1225
View Lithium
Form Tablet (coin)
Capacitance ~50 mA/h
Voltage 3V
Nominal discharge current 0.2 mA
CR1225 alternative BR1225/BN
Diameter 12.5 mm
Height 2.5 mm

The operating temperature is from minus 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 40 to plus 60 degrees Celsius). The battery also has a very long shelf life (5 to 10 years) and can be made with lithium technology.

Where to Use CR1225 Battery?

Application areas of disk batteries are very large. They are used in absolutely any device, most often in computer products and computing equipment.

Also, CR1225 batteries are used in:

  • Children’s electronic toys
  • Home appliance remotes
  • Calculators and standby circuits
  • Wrist and wall clocks
  • Photo cameras
  • Home medical equipment

CR1225 Advantages and Disadvantages

CR1225 is the best option among its counterparts.

  • Small weight
  • Long shelf life
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Constant voltage due to lithium alloy
  • High power capacity
  • Few equivalents
  • It requires disposal
  • Must be kept away from children
  • Relatively high price

CR1225 Battery Equivalents

The only complete analog to the CR1225 battery is the BR1225/BN. This cell also has a voltage of 3 volts, a diameter of 12.5 mm, and a height of 2.5 mm. The only difference between the analog and the original is only in the weight of the battery, which is 0.1 g less.

If necessary, the BR1225/BN can replace the CR1225 in any device designed to fit batteries of this type.

Can I Charge the CR1225 Battery?

Let’s say at once: you can’t charge the CR1225. Attempts to charge by “folk methods” will lead either to overheating the case or its detonation. There are hazardous chemicals under the casing that are dangerous to human health.

If you find that the disc battery does not work, it does not mean it has reached the end of its service life. Try to remove the products from the holder in the case of the device and make sure the contacts are correctly installed (the widest part, the base – plus, the convex part with a smaller diameter – minus).

The contact may be broken by dirt in the seat: clean it of dust and encrustations. Never try to insert and solder batteries into devices without factory soldering (homemade and repaired devices).

Popular Manufacturers and Their Features

The CR1225 battery can be found on sale under a variety of brands, but the most popular are the following manufacturers:

  • Camelion – high-quality batteries. The price is a little overpriced, but it is worth paying a little more than buying a pig in a poke in many cases.
  • Renata – the CR1225 battery produced under this brand is made with lithium technology.
  • EEMB – inexpensive batteries. The duration of the operation is noticeably inferior to other brands.

What to Pay Attention to Before Buying CR1225 Battery?

When buying, you should focus not only on the price and the name of the manufacturer but also on the external condition of the product. First of all, the buyer should study the packaging and the basic information about the product on its back.

The marking is also on the positive contact, but it only indicates the voltage and type of the product. The power is usually not indicated, but you can roughly judge this parameter by the capacity designation.

If you find even minor damage on the packaging or the battery, it is better to refuse to buy, as it may be used or counterfeit.

Operating and Disposal Instructions

Before buying, we advise you to study the structure and dimensions of the battery compartment. As a rule, the battery slots are hidden in the device’s ” back ” by a plate or a cover with screws.

For correct operation of the current-consuming device, follow these instructions:

  • Mechanical and thermal effects are unacceptable (CR1225 has a maximum operating temperature of +140°F (+60°C)).
  • Only use power sources of the same manufacturer simultaneously in one device. It is also advisable not to “mix” new and used batteries in the device.
  • Always pay attention to the polarity, i.e., correctly insert the plus and minus in the socket.
  • Never allow children access to batteries, close battery compartments carefully, and keep them away from potential access.
  • Never attempt to recharge. Dispose of them in a separate sealed box when the charge is exhausted.
  • After accumulating a sufficient number of used batteries, please return them to a collection point.
  • Never dispose of disc batteries in regular garbage cans and never attempt to heat or break them. The contents are environmentally hazardous and may cause chemical burns.

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Final Words

This is the end of this article. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I will reply as soon as possible.

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